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Performing as Rosemary Ripple for Global Grooves 

My Work

I've been creating and performing outdoor theatre since 2007. I've always had a passion for creating outdoor work as a way to transform the world around us from the mundane to the magical. I believe in magic! From watching an idea on the page transform into a real tangible artwork to breathing life into an inanimate object. I see creativity as a divine gift that can truly change our perceptions of the world around us. I work with image, music, play,  imagination, and the sensory experience. I've worked as a performer, costume designer, puppeteer and puppet maker alongside street theatre companies including Whalley Range Allstars, Cultural Sisters, Lantern Company, And Now, Frolicked and Global Grooves. I'm a co-founder of  Headstrung Puppets and have spent a large part of my practice touring puppetry shows with Headstrung to festivals, events and venues across the UK.  

In 2015 I became Artistic Director of Birdcage Stage, a company dedicated to creating outdoor performance, circus, music and site specific art.   

Street Theatre and Outdoor Performance

Costume Art and Design 

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