SIREN is my most recent performance project, developed in collaboration with musician Barry Han and artistic director Elinor Randle.

The show is a dark musical comedy exploring the mythology of the mermaid and the silencing of women. 


Read the Writebase review here

"Feminist Fish Sassiness" Audience Member


Bellisama, (the mermaid character) is also available for hosting events, as a cabaret performance and as an outdoor roaming piece


Video from Fest Live Scratch Performance June 2017

commissioned by Physical Fest & MDI

My work as a performer always has a root in mythology and other worldy creatures.  I love to create surreal characters that comment on the absurdity of our human condition especially ideas around women and femininity.   

I like to destroy and distort gender stereotypes using costume, dance, sound art, clowning and cabaret. 

"Katy-Anne Bellis is creative energy incarnate. Her performances vibrant, immediate and highly engaging.”

Tim Holmes, Festival 23, Director

Tel: 07784455794  Email:

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