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Welcome to the nonsensical world of Edward Lear.

Birdcage Stage C.I.C. have been commissioned to exhibit five Edward Lear-inspired birdboxes on a trail throughout Prescot town centre, on the 20th and 21st August 2022.

Each birdbox plays a selection of Edward Lear's written works.  Can you find all five birdboxes?


Below, you can listen to all of Lear's poems, limericks and nonsense verse featured in the birdboxes.


Voice recordings from Aisling Leyne, Trevor Fleming, Robert Rhys Bond, Robert Pointing and Katy-Anne Bellis.

Audio editing by Collen Chandler. 

 Birdboxes created by Eilidh Bryan, Katy-Anne Bellis, Becky Bryson,
Gill Smith, Beccy Hillam and Keith Matthews.

Produced by Birdcage Stage C.I.C with commissioning support from Knowsley Borough Council, Culture Liverpool and Arts Council England. 

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